Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS

Role: Game Designer


  • Brainstormed and organized idea for general gameplay as well as each mode. Prototyped potential game modes.
  • Brainstormed and organized ideas for Guitar Duel mini-games. Prototyped mini-games.
  • Designed the UI flow for the game.
  • Tracked stage show animations for the character, lights and camera.
  • Tracked the star power sections.
  • Wrote character and instrument biographies. Wrote character dialog and various quips.
  • Conducted focus testing.


I started on Guitar Hero: On Tour at the beginning of its pre-production and remained on the project for its entirety. This game was build pretty much from scratch which includes the hardware (which was prototyped by the co-worker sitting next to me).

During pre-production, the team’s main task was to decide on the best way to bring Guitar Hero to the DS. My tasks were to create, organize and prototype ideas for how Guitar Hero could be played using the DS. I used Actionscript and Gamemaker to create quick prototypes until our tech came online.

During production, my tasks were created, organized and prototyped mini-game ideas for our Guitar Duel mode. I also tracked the stage show animations for the characters, cameras and lights. It was my responsibility to track the Star Power notes (the audio department tracked the notes, I determined which awarded Star Power). I also wrote the character and instrument bios, character dialog and various quips. I was also conducted focus testing.

The two contributions I am most proud of:

  • I pitched the idea for the Guitar-pick stylus.
  • The “Sign my Fish!” mini-game was my idea.