Band Hero for the Nintendo DS

Role: Game Designer


  • Designed and wrote pitches for game innovations.
  • Designed a game mode titled Fan Requests for players who own both Band Hero Wii and DS.
  • Coordinated between Wii and DS teams.


Band Hero DS was originally supposed to be an extension of the Guitar Hero: On Tour line of games. During this time, there was a push to add a major innovation to the game. For our extended pre-production time, my main tasks involved brainstorming and organizing ideas to determine what that innovation was going to be. I wrote short marketing pitches for the most promising ideas, one of which was actually delivered to Nintendo by VV’s CEO.

After Guitar Hero: On Tour, Modern Hits finished, they merged with my project and I was moved to Guitar Hero 5 Wii. I later came back onto the Band Hero DS project while also on the Band Hero Wii team. My main task was to facilitate the implementation of a DS-Wii connectivity mode exclusive to Band Hero called “Fan Requests”. This mode allowed the Band Hero DS to receive gameplay challenges from the Band Hero Wii and upload its results to the Wii providing unlockables for both games.