Guitar Hero 5 for the Nintendo Wii

Role: Game Designer


  • Designed UI for Mii Freestyle and Roadie Battle Wii exclusive features.
  • Designed Air Drums for Mii Freestyle.
  • Designed and prototyped mini-games for Roadie Battle.


While on Guitar Hero 5 Wii, I mainly worked on the Wii-specific modes: Mii Freestyle and Roadie Battle.

While working on Mii Freestyle, my main tasks were to re-design the “Air Drums”, design the UI for saving and sharing performances, and writing goofy titles awarded to players at the end.

With Roadie Battle, my main tasks were to brainstorm mini-game ideas and prototype them. We used Gamemaker to create quick prototypes. I also designed the DS-Wii connection and team select UI for Roadie Battle.