Transformers: War for Cybertron for the Nintendo DS

Role: Level Designer


  • Designed 21 levels. 3 Arena maps, each with 6 levels and 3 Rescue missions.
  • Scripted enemy encounters and boss battles.


I was responsible for three of the five arena maps; Kaon Arena, The Sewers and The Energon Dam. Each map had six missions, the last was always a boss fight. I created each map and scripted each mission and boss fight from start to finish. I also wrote the dialog for each arena and rescue mission.

The maps had to be designed within strict technical restraints  while still highlighting core mechanics and generating different player experiences.

  • Kaon Arean was designed as a hybrid for combat and racing. This was the first map in the arena progression and I wanted to give the player a fairly even mix of combat and traversal. The combat primarily took place in a central circle and all enemies flowed toward it. Racing missions looped in, out and around this central circle. The boss also provided a mix of combat and racing as the player has to fight the boss and then chase them as they flee. Because this was the first arena boss, I felt this style of boss fight would be easier as the player can easily catch their breath by not-pursuing the boss.
  • The Sewers were designed as a more mysterious, maze-like level focusing on close-quarters combat. Missions involved enemies just around the corner so that the player saw a radar blip before they knew what they were up against. The final boss was a minotaur-maze boss battle where the enemy could pop out from anywhere and was melee based.
  • The Energon Dam was designed to provide the player with more vertical traversal and a sense of climbing and reaching the top of something. The missions begin on the ground floor and gradually work their way to the top of the dam which is meant to feel like a pinnacle with its sheer drop and waterfalls on one side and vast death-pit on the other (providing a feeling similar to a sheer drop). The boss was originally planned as a flying enemy as to give the player an even greater sense of conquering upward but was switched due to a change in the character roster.

I also scripted three of the five rescue missions. Rescue missions are only playable if the player loses a character to another player during multiplayer. The rescue missions re-used existing maps and were combat oriented.