Fantastic Game Jam! The theme was Extinction, check out my team’s game: Dino-Soar (made with XNA)

Busy weekend for game jammers in Albany with 14 games. Most teams were burning the midnight oil Saturday night with your standard chaos minutes before sub mission. My team mostly worked externally and we were debugging in the car on the way to the final event.

For being new to the game jam, there was a fair turnout for board games. It was difficult to judge and rate the board games because sampling them took more time and players.

The game voted best overall, Fade, had a simple mechanic and art style that was perfect for a game jam. The first two rules of design (beyond just game design) are “Know your audience” and “Keep it simple (but no simpler)”. Fade made a core mechanic of “white objects no longer exist when under the cursor” and built a simple puzzle platformer about getting a hamster to an exit by temporarily clearing obstacles. The audience at the game jam is your typical expo/judged audience. A group of people who want to quickly pickup, understand and progress in your game and then remember it after leaving. Fade was a perfect fit for the audience and also was one of the few seemingly polished games.

If you know someone who participated in the Global Game Jam, congratulate them.

Side Note: A few groups thought the word “Congratulations” had a “d” instead of a “t”. If only photoshop had spellcheck.