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Mike Chera

Currently employed at Storm8 as a Senior Game Designer.


  • Know (and design for) your audience (not yourself).
  • Keep it simple, but no simpler.

Favorite Games

So, I really like RPGs.

Honorable Mention


I am a game designer who primarily handles mobile game economies. I enjoy working on diverse titles and am very happy with the quick mobile games development cycle. I’ve worked with a wide range of game interfaces such as: touch screens, traditional game controllers, instrument-shaped controllers and the good ol’ mouse and keyboard.

I started off as a QA tester, talked my way into a game design co-op and worked my butt off to be a full time game designer. As a game designer, I was expected to be able to fill any creative roll.

I have been playing games my whole life; ever since seeing Chrono Trigger for the SNES (love at first sight). That’s when I started filling sketch books with ideas for games, characters and stories. In school, I directed my education with the intent of finding a job as a game designer out of college. Somehow it all went according to plan.

Experience Summary

Systems Design, UI Design, Controls, Mini Games, Progression, Level Design, Narrative, Scripting.

Other Hobbies

Drawing, Ping Pong, Designing Board Games.